*New* Worrier to Warrior course 

Presented by renowned lecturer- Rabbi Dovid Katz.

Course begins on Monday 20 January and runs every other Monday for 6 sessions.

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 Course Overview

Mined from the teachings of Torah and contemporary psychology, this six-week course takes a fresh approach to the battle against bad feelings, providing realistic spiritual mechanisms for remaining upbeat no matter what life brings. 

Lesson 1-    20 January

Addressing Imposter Syndrome


Lesson 2-    3 February

Addressing shame, frustration and feelings of inadequacy


Lesson 3-    17 February

Addressing unhealthy guilt


Lesson 4-   2 March

Addressing pain, anguish and anxiety


Lesson 5-   16 March

Finding happiness and fulfillment


Lesson 6-   30 March

Remodeling our approach to love and relationships